Our Mission

The Chiropractic Services Network partners with chiropractors and insurance companies to foster sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships for patients, providers and carriers. These affiliations generate the best patient outcome and experience, significant dollar and resource savings for the carrier, State, ACO and/or employer and better working environments for our providers.

We Provide Effective, Time-Tested, Cost-Saving Solutions!

Providing Care Since 1994

CSN has been providing value-based, conservative musculoskeletal care since 1994

Statewide Network

CSN coordinates a Statewide Network consisting of 95% of chiropractors.

50% of DE Covered

CSN is responsible for the chiropractic care give to over 50% of Delaware’s population.

Cost Effective Care

CSN advocates for the substitution of low-cost chiropractic care for high cost options (opioids, surgery, urgent care/ER, etc.)

Manage Network for Insurance Companies

CSN handles the management of the chiropractic physician network for insurance companies at no cost to the ACO, State, County, carrier or Medicaid (providers pay a small admin fee).


CSN handles the credentialing for new providers, as well as the verification of credentials every 3 years for our existing providers. For credentialing, we adhere to National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA) and Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) certification guidelines.


Monitor Provider Performance

CSN closely monitors provider performance and identifies outliers (over-utilizers).

Outliers Educated

CSN works with individual outliers who are educated and given the opportunity to improve performance without penalizing or restricting the remaining network of efficient chiropractors.

Manage Provider/Carrier Relationship

CSN has a successful track record of managing issues that arise between our carriers and providers. Simply put, CSN removes nearly all provider relation headaches for the carrier and saves valuable time for providers and their staff.

Continuing Education

CSN provides Continuing Education for providers (as well as non-network providers). Topics include best practices, documentation, etc. 

High Patient Satisfaction

CSN continues to see high patient satisfaction rates among the network.

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